Just Livin' My Life

I Blame My Environment

"I'm workin' on my future / why you need to know my history?" - Cam'ron


San Francisco

At The End of the Day

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume X

"At the end of the day, you have to go back to Brooklyn. And I know Brooklyn is very fancy now, but I mean home. You have to go back to reality. You have to go back to nothing in order to maintain the dream." Albert Elbaz, "Ladies' Man" in The New Yorker (Volume LXXXV, NO. 5, March 16, 2009) by Ariel Levy.

I mostly only like this one because I read it on the plane back to Brooklyn from vacation in San Francisco. I really didn't want to go back.


Stay in New York

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume IX

"Stay in New York or perish." Noel in the pilot episode of Felicity


Room as Brain

"The comparison—room as brain—is one I've often reached for in describing the rooms of others, but it began with the suspicion that I'd externalized my own brain, for anyone who cared to look." Jonathan Lethem, "The Beards" in The Disappointment Artist

(Thanks Robin)


Because Honey, She Makes Bad Decisions

"Today, I walked home from a guy's dorm early in the morning, still wearing my dress and heels from the night before. I walked by a mother and her little daughter, who said 'Mommy, why is she so dressed up so early in the morning?' and the mom replied 'Because honey, she makes bad decisions.'" FML

ah hah okay what's up shut up


I'm Going Back to New York City

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume VIII.

"I'm going back to New York City / I do believe I've had enough." Bob Dylan in "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" but I really only like this one when Neil Young sings it.


Dear Winter

You are officially blowing it for all parties involved.