We've Got to Get Ready for the Real World

Two of my favorite albums that I can't listen to on the train for fear of the sound sneaking past the confines of my headphones:

1. Sparkle & Fade by Everclear
2. From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy

I tried listening to the former today, and I was horrified when a pseudo-babe sat next to me this morning. I really need to keep myself in check.


Go ahead and break 'em off with a little preview of the remix...

"i listen to music to make me feel better. i listen to wolfie, mathlete, and the impossibles to make me smile. i listen to built to spill, modest mouse, belle and sebastian, elliott smith, and death cab for cutie to cry. i listen to weezer, the promise ring, the stereo, and the get up kids to feel something. i listen to alkaline trio because they make my body jump and scream and cry and smile and feel. i listen to the refused and the (international) noise conspiracy to think about more important things. i listen to commander venus and jawbreaker to sing so loud that my throat starts to hurt. my all time favorites are weezer, the promise ring, alkaline trio, and jawbreaker just because."

circa 2000

so much better stuff to come!!!!!!


Black _______

Black Eyes
Black Flag
Black Forest/Black Sea
Black Lips
Black Sabbath
Black Tambourine

NLS HD as of 1/25/2009


Trust No One


The City's a Disaster

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume III.

"The city's a disaster, Luke. It's not like it used to be. It's plastic. One big fucking happy meal." Dr. Squires played by (Sir) Ben Kingsley in The Wackness


New York is Not Beautiful

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume II.

"New York is not beautiful, and if it stimulates our practical activities, it also wounds our sense of happiness." Le Corbusier, The City of To-morrow and Its Planning


Tompkins Square Park

March 21, 2007

Note: Skateboard clip art


siamese dream


New York City is Fated Always to Remain My Home

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume I.

“New York is neither the Wonder City nor a half-populated ruin but a vulnerable, overcrowded, anxious, half-deluded, all-too-human town, shaken by a cataclysm nobody could have foreseen. I don’t live there anymore, and I have trouble going there and walking around because the streets are too haunted by the ghosts of my own history. I wasn’t born in New York, and I may never live there again, and just thinking about it makes me melancholy, but I was changed forever by it, and my imagination is manacled to it, and I wear its mark the way you wear a scar. Whatever happens, whether I like it or not, New York City is fated always to remain my home.” Luc Sante, Kill All Your Darlings


i'm alright with you