Katy Smail Drawings For Sale!

My lovely and talented friend, Katy Smail, has some drawings for sale! These are the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones, especially if your loved one has fantastic taste. She has more available than the ones I've posted above, these are just my favorite. For pricing and more information, you can contact Katy at whatktdoes@gmail.com.

Down On Me


Day to Day

View from my office, Dwight Howard poster and Dwight Howard signed ticket stub


Dead Cities

Meditate On It

"Even though your head is clear, it might be hard to take action in the direction you want to go. Keep a clear picture of the end goal in your mind. Focus on it. Meditate on it. Don't let it out of your mind's eye for a second. Eventually you'll get there."

This is from my horoscope yesterday (on Yahoo.com, no less). It also told me to put 3-4 droplets of lavender oil on my pillow before I sleep to keep my demons away. I've already been doing this for weeks.

Picture, focus, meditate, don't let it out.



Leaving New York

I'm stuck at the airport in Oakland waiting for my red eye plane back to New York. It stopped to refuel in Sacramento. What about my fuel? These three pictures are from a week ago when I flew to the Bay.

Did anyone else ever listen to that BARR album? I'm just now remembering how good it is.


Peacing Out

Heading to SF for a long weekend

(image source unknown)

Fuck Fashion

Sheep Are Counting Me

7 photos of me taken immediately after waking in four different bedrooms in Manhattan and Brooklyn - 2007-2011