I'm A Fuckin' Walkin' Paradox

So I turned 26, saw the Orlando Magic play, and went to Disney World all with this thing on my camera lens! What a bummer, huh?


Don't Even Bother To Use My Brain Anymore - There's Nothing Left In It!

Come on, you can't say you didn't see this one coming! I'm surprised it's taken this long, honestly.



Hiding All The Time Destroys Me

"Drop your guard, I'll get to know you
Simon says it's time to move
And God only knows I think about you
Cause it's never time to show and prove
It's never time to show and prove"

Magnet's Coil

"I've gotta find a way to loosen up
I'm wound tighter than a magnet's coil
The longer I try to keep my mouth shut
The sooner little brain is gonna boil"

Not Too Amused
"When will you be through with me? I'd like to know
Everywhere I go I feel it
But I won't talk, I won't get stuck with you
Everyone's so lonely I dig it"

Together or Alone
"It was never my intention
To blindly feed the boy/girl game
I know romance isn't everything
But I'm obsessing just the same...

And could I help you grow? I guess we'll never know
Set up for a let-down
These things happen all the time
And I'm not longing to explore it again"

SEBADOH (why not?)


Proud 2 Be A Problem