Say Cheese and Die!

Stills from the Goosebumps episode "Say Cheese and Die" (1996!!!!) starring Ryan Gosling. Happy Halloween!


Bitch I Might Be

Bill Cunningham's New York

I finally watched the Bill Cunningham documentary over the weekend. I know, I know. I'm always about 90 steps behind the times. It's just as good as everyone says. I'm talking tears into a pillow good. Not sad, you know, but heartwarming and deeply sweet. My favorite line from the movie:

"It's not photography. I mean, any real photographer would say 'he's a fraud.' Well, they're right. I'm just about capturing what I see and documenting what I see." - Bill Cunningham

I think the most interesting folks out there are those who don't quite realize the genius that lives within them.

(image from Bill Cunningham New York)


I Go Hard In The Paint

All Stripes Everything

Dog Day Afternoon

Saturday was all about dogs (and girls in black and white striped shirts). It started with my roommate waking me up with a pit bull bite puncture wound in her stomach. Then we had to protect Crystal's dog from a head butting toddler outside of the shoe store. On our way to get coffee, we found that guy up above. He had the most terrifying eyes I've ever seen in my life, and he didn't move an inch in that passenger seat. Lastly, there was the pit bull outside Blue Bottle which Amanda accurately described as requiring a permanent censor strip, if you know what I mean. And I don't even like dogs.

Girls In Stripes


Kitty Photoshoot

I'm Too Hood For My Own Good


Nowhere, Nothing, Fuckup

I Ball So Hard Motherfuckers Want To Fine Me

So y'all thought I was lying when I said I was the biggest childhood Bulls fan growing up? Check out my Toni Kukoc framed basketball card and the cover of my wide-ruled 40 page theme book. Nicole and Toni Kukoc #7 for life.


They're Not Witches, Just Spoiled Little Children

Outdoor faux flowers vs indoor real ferns

Skateboarding Is Not A Crime

Hey does anyone remember when I was 13 years old and made a skateboarding collage out of issues of Transworld? Yeah, me either....

JUST KIDDING! I totally do. And I couldn't be more proud of this thing that is perhaps the ugliest thing on planet earth.

Worlds Squirrled Inside One Another

New York Quotes Volume XXV

"To live in Manhattan is to be persistently amazed at the worlds squirreled inside one another, the chaotic intricacy with which realms interleave, like those lines of television cable and fresh water and steam heat and outgoing sewage and telephone wire and whatever else which cohabit in the same intestinal holes that pavement-demolishing workmen periodically wrench open to the daylight and to our passing, disturbed glances. We only pretend to live on something as orderly as a grid."

Jonathan Lethem in Chronic City


Baums Bridge Inn

Indiana Sky

Only Success Can Fail Me Now

This was written when I was nearly ten years old; I found it in a journal that I suspect I had to keep for school. I can't for the life of my figure out why I pulled back on the 21 thing, but thumbs up to nine year old Nicole for the college prediction. I'm 26 now and have no better reason for my life then what I had written here. And are those "does not equal" signs up there? Makes a lot of sense - it really doesn't add up.

I Never Want To See You Again

Last month I went home to Indiana to pack up my childhood home and took what I expect will be my last trip home for awhile. I'm clearly very behind on posting pictures, but here are some of them.