The New York City Woman

This image is from an old MacMillan textbook called Clothes and Your Personality that was published in 1974. It even has the tidy "This Book is the Property of:" stamp on the inside cover. I've been holding onto this one for ages; I found it in my high school's sewing class nearly ten years ago. There are many scans to come, but this one is my absolute favorite.


Big Names in Bball, 2003

I was so excited when I found this issue of The Fader magazine from 2003 at my mom's house in Indiana. These photos were shot by Kai Regan at the Adidas ABCD Summer Camp, and as it explains, "some of the players featured in Kai Regan's photos will end up becoming NCAA heroes." NCAA? What about the NBA?

Dwight Howard may be my favorite player in the league, but what about baby Joakin Noah? I just can't with him. HQ scans here: http://bummertimes.com/letterman/

Baby Kitty

Me & Panda / Me & Pugsley

Both pictures are from around 1992. I've loved so many kitties in my life.


Tropical Sunset Cats

thank you A


Saying No Is So Fucking Boring

I just read a snippet from this interview by Dave Eggers that was published in The Harvard Advocate back in 2000 (11 years ago!) over here on the web. You can read the whole thing over here, but I haven't done that yet. The whole thing is pretty amazing and not just because of the Guided by Voices and 90210 references ("...and that terrifying Tori Spelling person"). Below are some of my favorite quotes:

"The thing is, I really like saying yes. I like new things, projects, plans, getting people together and doing something, trying something, even when it's corny or stupid. I am not good at saying no. And I do not get along with people who say no. When you die, and it really could be this afternoon, under the same bus wheels I'll stick my head if need be, you will not be happy about having said no. You will be kicking your ass about all the no's you've said. No to that opportunity, or no to that trip to Nova Scotia or no to that night out, or no to that project or no to that person who wants to be naked with you but you worry about what your friends will say."


"No is for wimps. No is for pussies. No is to live small and embittered, cherishing the opportunities you missed because they might have sent the wrong message."


"What matters is that you want to see and make and do, on as grand a scale as you want, regardless of what the tiny voices of tiny people say."


"Saying no is so fucking boring."

Dave Eggers, I love you.


Coming Up Roses