Unacceptable footwear, from the very worst to the somewhat less worse:

Toe shoes
Flip flops*

Other things that are totally unacceptable: people who wear these shoes on regular basis; white socks except when worn secretly in gym shoes or on basketball players (and even the bball players are pushing it); cross trainers with jeans; men in sweatpants; men in short shorts, particularly of the cut-off denim variety; men who don't wear shirts in public, except for when they are running in 90+ degree weather; the woman this morning on the subway with the terrible body odor who shoved her armpit in my face and then glared at me when I shot her a look of disgust; people who cut in the elevator line in my office lobby; people who do not hold the elevator door in my office lobby; people in my office lobby; people in general.

In related news, it's only Tuesday which is also 100% unacceptable.

*acceptable at the beach and post-pedicure
**my only wish is that there wasn't a "good cause" behind this one because i kind of just sound like an asshole


Anke said...

You forgot to add Ugg boots to the list.

nicole said...

omg uggs! how could i forget?