Hitting Like a Memory

"The chipped gilded mirror, razor blade tucked behind it, a still-familiar weight in her lap...she bent toward the mirror, the first line hitting like a warm memory. Right, she said out loud. Right. The second settled where the first had gone, in her shoulders, and the back of her neck, below the skull in a soothing, flooding surge through her chest and arms in the muscles of her face which she hadn't realized were clenched until they yielded as the world pulled back, softening, her breathing from far off and from close by, in some obscure cadence with the shimmering light outside, and sounds -- water? birds -- lifting from the street...The third line she didn't remember doing, so she did the fourth, and now where she was there were no ghosts, no questions without answers, head swaying deliciously on a bolster of light, empty, empty, mouth in joy and forgetfulness dropped open, the face in the mirror smiling tenderly, and all she had to do was let go and tumble, any minute now she would. Let go. Fall."

image by me / text by Ehud Havazelet in Bearing the Body

My Boredom Has Outshined the Sun

I read my horoscope daily on several different websites, and this little bit showed up on my screen today:

"You may be aware of tensions within you that are creating a degree of conflict. Pluto aspects Venus and the Sun, so it's time to come to a decision about which plan to follow. The main problem you face seems to be doubt, especially when it comes to deserving the best that life has to offer. Stop seeing yourself as a second-class citizen and claim the success you've worked hard for. You're on the verge of greatness."


Greatest Fucking Genius Of All Time

Throwback Saturday! David Rees from My New Filing Technique Is Unstoppable aka my favorite comic of all time (besides Garfield) aka source of my favorite phrase of all time (besides Bummer Times) "GREATEST FUCKING GENIUS OF ALL TIME."


It All Adds Up

Favorite New York Quotes, Volume XXI

"New York makes one think of the collapse of civilization, about Sodom and Gomorrah, the end of the world. The end wouldn't come as a surprise here. Many people already bank on it."

Saul Bellow in Mr. Sammler's Planet




Hope Springs Eternal

So Spring is like literally and figuratively a period of rebirth and renewal, right? Well, I like to take it a step further. I happen to injure myself physically in order for both my mind and body to renew. Let's look at the past:

May 18, 2009: I was attacked by Lyssa's cat, Moustache, and sustained some brutal bruising and deep scratches. The thing wanted me dead. I have the scars to prove it.

April 17, 2010: I fell on the corner of Meeker and Union, two blocks from my house, on my way home from a party in Bushwick. My ankle proceeded to swell and bruise to a size never seen before. I'm fairly certain it was a sprain, but I never went to the doctor to confirm. I wasn't able to walk for a few weeks, and it still aches to this day.

April 7, 2011: I was walking down Rivington in my brand new heels thinking that I was the raddest chick on the planet. The universe was all "no, you're not," and I proceeded to fall flat on my knees. You can see the skinned knees and bruises at this very moment!


The Unthinkable is True

My zine is now available at Spoonbill & Sugartown, as you can see in the display above. It can also be found at Printed Matter. I, on the other hand, can be found at home watching Roseanne.


and circular days that open out

"only a moment while the cities, names,
flavors and everything that is alive
all crumble inside my blind skull,
while the sorrows of night press on my thoughts,
weight down my spine, and my blood runs
a little slower, my teeth wobble,
my eyes cloud over, and the days
and years heap their empty horrors"

Painting by Elizabeth Bishop / Words by Octavio Paz in "Sunstone"


Scream for the Green Machine

I wanted to post about this yesterday, but I decided that it deserved its own post. Last month, I went to see the New Jersey Nets play against the Los Angeles Clippers. My friend told me early in the week that she had heard that it was going to be the birthday party for Sly Fox, the mascot for the Nets. I got pretty excited because mascot birthday party games are kind of a big deal in the NBA. I was hopeful that my favorite mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, might make an appearance, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw a tweet by Stuff saying that he was in NYC killing time before Sly's birthday party the next day!

What?! Stuff?! I couldn't contain myself, so I threw a tweet in his direction.

Why I didn't tell him to come hang out with me, I'll never know. I suppose it didn't really matter too much because you know what happened? Stuff tweeted back at me.

...and also started following me. Have you ever had that kind of moment when you knew that you had finally arrived? Yep, pretty satisfying, isn't it?



For my 26th birthday, I flew to Orlando (with my mom) to see the Magic play the Washington Wizards. Mom was gracious enough to let me use her digital camera to document the experience, and I figured we might as well relive the whole thing.

I had to fight to get my picture taken with Dwight flying through the air prior to the start of the game. Watch him go!

...and your starting line up for the ORLANDO MAAAAGIIIIIC!!!

Dwight likes to do a little dance prior to the game to get his team mates pumped. He also likes to wear a different outfit from everyone else since he doesn't have any other distinguishing features.

It feels like maybe Stuff and J.J. Redick had a bit of a tiff here. My guess is that J.J. was jealous that he doesn't get to be a part of the starting line up while Stuff is allowed to do whatever the hell he wants.

Oh, did you miss John Wall dougie-ing before the game? Brandon Bass is not impressed. I was. Have you seen this kid dance?

Oh, what was that about dancing? Oh, no big deal, it's just the Magic Seniors doing their thang. I wish they had taught me how to dougie...

Patrick Ewing yells at Jameer Nelson. Quentin Richardson laughs. Everyone else makes some kind of stoic expression.

Stan Van Gundy is clearly mad at Ryan Anderson at this point. Miss too many threes, Ryan? Hedo's not mad at it.

You want to know how Stuff got here? Oh, he just slid down the handrail. NBD.

Dwight makes some jokes to entertain his teammates. Chris Duhon and Jameer Nelson laugh. Meanwhile, Quentin Richardson laughs at someone else's jokes. Does this guy have the best attitude in the entire league? He's never not smiling.

Why the long faces, Ryan and J.J.? You guys won by 25 points!

Earl Clark is aware of the score and makes plans to celebrate at the end of the game!

Shout outs to my mom, Dwight Howard, Stuff the Magic Dragon, Quentin Richardson's smile, and John Wall's dougie-ing for making this happen! LET'S GO MAGIC!