Cool Kids Never Have the Time

So I've been going through a little Smashing Pumpkins thing the last couple of weeks. You know, as in, they're all I've been listening to. I think the time of year is to blame- those last few weeks before Spring officially hits. If Spring is the period of rebirth, then these weeks are when we take stock of the past and consider the future. And is the past anything but nostalgia? Anyway, I've been inspired to do a special little project which you'll see the results of very soon. In the mean time, can we just reflect on this moment in time? There was something so special about 1993-1995 and this band.


There Ain't No Easy Way out

After that last roll of film disappointment, I've been very cautious when taking pictures. As in, I didn't take any at all. These are very strange. Also, I am in all of them. And I wish I had a cat.


Time To Move On

My new zine, Time To Move On, came out today on NSEW Press. 28 pages, B&W, stapled. 15 portraits I've taken over the last couple of years, including Lil Kim, and each copy comes with a signed color print (in a tie dyed envelope). It's available for purchase at NSEW Press's shop.


All Over the Web

Oh hey! I put my website back up, and there is loads of new stuff on it!



Some Women are Born Beautiful

She-Devil, 1989 starring Roseanne Barr and Meryl Streep


Shit From An Old Notebook

Today Jessica and I spent all day working on my zine that she's putting out on her press, NSEW Press. (Go to her site! You can move around those pieces on the screen and make your own collage!) I'm really excited about it, and there will be more information about it very, very soon. In honor of the upcoming zine, I thought it'd be fun to post some covers of some old ones that I've made over the last 8 or so years. And, no, I will not be posting any of the insides here. Aren't these embarrassing enough? I, for one, am looking forward to the future.



Roseanne Barr & The Loose Meat Sandwiches

"Where are you going?" - Roseanne

"Oh to watch the game" - Darlene

"On TV?" - Roseanne

"No, the Bulls and Knicks are actually coming over and playing in our living room" - Darlene

from "Fathers & Daughters," Season 2 Episode 23 of Roseanne


Is as Deep as Dawson's Creek and Shit

with Jessica Williams

with Heron

These were all drawn on my iPad. If you wanna come over and draw on a liquid crystal display with me, just holler. I'm usually just watching Roseanne.