Span No Attention Span

There have been a lot of articles recently on distraction, attention, and self-control; all of which I think are highly linked at this intrinsic level. I think they are all worth a read, and you may find the links below.

The Brain Gain: The underground world of “neuroenhancing” drugs by Margaret Talbot

In Defense of Distraction:
Twitter, Adderall, lifehacking, mindful jogging, power browsing, Obama’s BlackBerry, and the benefits of overstimulation
by Sam Anderson

Don't! The secret of self-control by Jonah Lehrer

I think this is one of very few subjects I feel I have a pretty solid opinion on, one that is not necessarily widely shared by the public. I suppose I stick with "everything is okay in moderation" when it comes to being distracted, paying attention, and exercising self-control. A constant balancing act, you could say.

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